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A state bond that is set for criminal changes can include a misdemeanor,  infraction or a felony charge. Either one of these can be posted for bail through a licensed bondsman or agency.

Different Cases for States Bonds

State Bail Bonds for Infractions

An infraction is also known as a minor violation of administrative regulation or ordinance. Traffic offenses such as speeding are considered infractions and any offense that falls under the infraction category is considered a civil offense rather than criminal. Most states don’t send the person in jail, but if he or she does, a trusted bail bond firm always comes in handy.

Some jurisdiction treat infractions as criminal offenses, but it’s a rare occasion for an individual to be incarcerated for such.

Types of Infractions

Infractions and offenses vary depending on an area. Not all ordinances/laws are the same, but it pays to be aware of the local laws to avoid committing an infraction.

Some offenses that fall under infraction:

  • Drinking in public
  • Jaywalking
  • Fishing or operating a business without a license/permit
  • Littering

State Bail Bonds For Misdemeanors

Charges that fall under misdemeanors have a fixed amount of bail that needs to be posted for the defendant to be released from jail until their assigned court trial. However, the bail still depends on other factors including the severity of the crime, repeated offenses/arrests or if the individual is deemed to be a fugitive or a flight risk. A hearing needs to be set within 48 hours of being charged, but the process can take longer if the person is apprehended during the weekends or holidays. It’s up to the judge to decide for the bail amount to be paid by the defendant in order to be released from custody.

The bail bondsman can also post bail on behalf of the defendant and the family. It’s hassle-free process that requires identification and the jail or detention center where the defendant is being held. This is then completed by signing the necessary documents.

Felony Charges Bail Bonds

The bail procedure for felony charges is similar for a misdemeanor except that the bail amount is decided during the court hearing. The amount involved is higher for misdemeanor counts also depend on the severity of the charges, the flight risk factor, and repeat offenses/arrests.

Besides these factors, the legal procedure is also slightly different where a preliminary hearing is scheduled before the trial and after the arraignment, which typically takes place in 10 days. The bail should be posted prior to that. The district attorney will then present evidence during the hearing to support the charges against the defendant, which will be decided by the judge if said defendant committed the crime.

The full bail amount and state bond fee will become due if the defendant fails to appear to either the preliminary hearing or arraignment. This also applies to failure to appear on other court schedules that are covered by the bail terms and conditions.

It’s crucial to get help from your local bondsman after arrest or when the bail amount has been set. Neterville Bail Bonds is here to help you get out of the rut through our knowledge of the legal system, as well as experience in various infractions and offenses, and their corresponding bail bonds.

We serve clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, rain or shine. Our aim is to help defendants get released immediately from custody so that they can settle their cases as soon as possible.

State Bond Service Fee

Fees typically come in a percent of the total bail amount and additional fees involved may also be charged by the bondsman in charge of the case. These fees are then referred to as the premium amount requested by the court.

Bail will be posted by the bondsman at the jailhouse or to the clerk of the court. In most misdemeanor cases where bail has automatically been set, the bail amount will be paid to the jail. Where bail was set at a bail hearing, the county clerk can be paid the full bail amount.

The bail is posted by the bondsman at jail or the court clerk. Failure to post bail means the defendant will be moved to jail where they have to wait until 30 days for their arraignment, 45 days if he or she has been released on bail.

Keep in Mind

The individual requesting bail on behalf of the defendant will have to guaranteed that said bail may be held liable for the full amount in case the defendant doesn’t appear on court or flee the country/state. The full bail amount will be returned to the bondsman once the trial is finished and when the individual facing the charges is innocent or guilty.

Let Neterville Bail Bonds Help You Out

If the defendant flees or fails to make a court appearance, they will be held liable for the state bond amounts, as well as their cosigner. Let Neterville Bail Bonds provide you the right state bondsman for the job. We are open 24/7 and our bondsman and staff in charge are always here to accommodate your case and help you find the right bail bond for your situation. Don’t settle for a bail bond firm with limited resources. Let Neterville Bail Bonds provide you everything you need to get through the legal processes. Drop by our Gretna office and talk to one of our owners to get started.

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