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A bail allows the individual to be released provided that he or she will appear in court as when asked or required. If he or she fails to do so, the bond will be forfeited and the accused is deemed to abscond from the law.

For the unprepared, getting apprehended or landing yourself in jail are one of the most stressful things you have to go through. Sometimes you have to wait for a bail bonds agency to open their service on a particular time, making all the wait daunting. For Netterville Bail Bonds, a 24-hour bond service is the solution to that.

For years we have been serving clients around Gretna, providing them resources and services that correspond to their case. Our office is always open, day and night so you or your loved one can immediately post bail and save you time waiting in jail.

Get Your Bonds Settled at Netterville Bail Bonds

Getting your bond settled might not be easy due to lengthy legal procedures that last for weeks or months. But Netterville Bail Bonds is here to help you with your case every step of the way. From the run-ins with the authorities to a felony that will land you in jail, we’re here to provide you the following bail bond services:

  • Traffic Bonds
  • State Bonds
  • Juvenile Bonds and
  • Criminal Bonds

How Bail Bonds Actually Work

Bail bonds are contracts made between the defendant and bondsman. The latter is licensed to carry out this certain work in the state of Louisiana and gives a hundred percent guarantee that the defendant will appear in court. The defendant needs to pay a premium amount to the bondsman in charge in order to be released from jail.

Once he or she is apprehended for a misdemeanor or criminal act, the individual is taken to the sheriff/chief’s office or to jail to be booked. They will be informed of their charges provided they are eligible for bail (as per laws in within the state) which they will require to pay. Louisiana laws state that bail can be set by an authorized person, community or group of people: the city, district courts that have jurisdiction over criminal cases, parish or traffic/municipal courts that have similar jurisdiction. Bail can also set by the family, mayor’s courts, and Justices of Peace for juvenile cases.

Bondsman License from the Louisiana Department of Insurance

Bondsman licenses are fulfilled by the Louisiana Department of Insurance and they grant one to the individuals who have gone through an apprenticeship via pre-license courses, as well as passing the test facilitated by the Department of Insurance.

Amount of Bail

Bond amounts depend on the severity of the crime, the defendant’s record, and other related factors. Written as a bail order, it will be charged if the individual is under more than one clause of the law. The defendant can also apply for bail or similar bond can be issued by the state authorities’ request, judges or even magistrates.

Once the necessary procedures and paperwork are prepared, they will be processed to the jail where the defendant is being currently held. After that he or she is now eligible to be released after settling the bond amount. There are other cases that the amount is substantial and it’s not possible for the defendant to be released immediately. This is where a bondsman comes in who will then ask the defendant details about his or her previous/existing arrest, address, employment history/income in order to assess his or her reasons.

Going Hand in Hand: Amount and Bondsman

The bondsmen deposit the value of the bond in question with the authorities if the defendant (or cosigner) is willing to pay 10 percent that will go to other bond and city fee charges, as well as well to the sheriff’s office. The premium is a fixed $120 if the bond is less than $1,000.

The bail bondsman in charge may ask for the following when large amounts of bail need to be posted:

  • Collateral in cash
  • Deeds of a home/any other asset that has a greater value than the bail amount
  • Title to a vehicle

They can also ask the defendant to check in with them on certain weeks as a means of complying of the requirements to appear in court. If any of these conditions are breached, the bondsman has the right to cancel the bond which will take the defendant back to jail.

The Responsibilities of a Municipal Bondsman

It is the responsibility of the bondsman of bringing the individual to jail if he or she doesn’t appear on his or her assigned court schedule.

The job of the bondsman ends once the defendant appears in court. Failure of such on the defendant’s part equals to the bondsman becoming liable for the the whole amount forfeiture and the defendant in question becomes the fugitive of the law.

Many bondsmen resort to hiring bounty hunters or investigators to track down the defendant. Such aid will mitigate their losses and payment services.

Once the defendant is apprehended, he or she will be penalized by the court, accompanied with more jail time and other type of penalties. This will also affect their record and might have a hard time posting bail in the future.

Get Help from Yours Truly

  • Netterville Bail Bonds’ local Gretna municipal bonds will assist you in settling your case through our bondsman in charge.
  • Learn more about our credible bail bonds in Louisiana by dropping by at our office or giving us a call.
  • Get one of our trusted bail bonds in Gretna, Louisiana, only here at Netterville Bail Bonds.

Netterville Bail Bonds has a bondsman available ready to help you find the right bail bond whether its traffic, state, juvenile or criminal. Get the right help and resources through our municipal bonds guaranteed for a fair legal process and less jail time. Drop by our office and talk to us!

You can call Netterville Bail Bonds for more information about municipal bonds, state bonds and criminal bonds in Jefferson Parish.

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