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Traffic Bonds
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Traffic Bonds In Gretna – Get The Right Service For Your Case

Neterville Bail Bonds is one of the leading bail bonds agency in the New Orleans area that provides a number of bonds such as crime and juvenile bail bond services. Our traffic bond is one of the most common services client seek for charges such as driving over the speed limit or without headlights on.

An Introduction to Bail

Bail pertains to the amount of money to be paid to the court if the defendant shows up to his or her appointed hearing or violates any conditions imposed by the court.

The bond isn’t considered the entire amount of the bail; it’s more of a deposit to secure that if the defendant fails to make an appearance in court, the entire bail amount must be paid.

Our Gretna Traffic Court Service

Our traffic bonds ensure that our client will show up on their court date to help you get out of jail as soon as possible. Together with our traffic bondsman, we will see to it that everything is in order from the bail amount to the necessary papers that need to be signed.

What We Do

Netterville Bail Bonds is here to help individuals post bail on their behalf, as well as aiding them through the process of the traffic offenses charged against them. Our bondsman will be the one to negotiate your bail in court and pay it for you. Once you’re free of your charges, you will pay the bail back in installments.

We offer collateral options  and installment-based payment plans that you can use. One of our objectives is to make sure that our clients can take advantage of our available services and options.

Is Paying the Bail in Full Necessary?

You don’t necessarily have to pay the amount that the court has initially set. Some cases allow defendants to avoid jail time if they have a clean criminal record or has connections to the local community. They are released without payment, with their signature as agreement and compliance to appear at court on the schedule given. However, the defendant still needs to follow rules such as not going to certain areas.

The bail bond amount is still on the ticket and that amount isn’t a formal fine or the cost set up by the court. It’s a bail amount and it’s not necessary to be paid as long as the defendant appears at court.

Traffic Bonds – How Do they Work?

Traffic-related offenses are some of the most common cases in the state of Louisiana and parts of the United States. When an individual receives a ticket and fails to make a court appearance, the judge will then issue a warrant for his or her arrest.

An appearance bond is issued by the bondsman and that same bond will be removed from the defendant’s arrest warrant. He or she will be given a new court date and if he or she fails to appear on the appointed date again, the city our country will have to issue a Judgement NISI. This will prompt the defendant to file a response and attend a hearing forfeiting his or her bond.

The court will give a period of 180 days to grant the defendant a bond and avoid paying the entire amount. The forfeiture will stay, should the defendant fails to pay the fines or gets arrested.

The bondsman will also be responsible for paying court costs and interests on the bond if the defendant didn’t appear on the appointed court schedule.

With that being said, traffic bonds are risky and there are many situations where the bail bond agency is putting a lot of trust on their clients availing of this certain bond. Just like any other bond firm in the country, we at Netterville Bail Bonds believe that apprehended individuals deserve a chance on the legal system and have their cases settled fair and square.

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With years of experience in the bail bonds and legal system, our traffic bonds will guarantee that you don’t need to spend time in jail. If you are in the midst of a traffic charge against you, our traffic bondsman are here to stand by your side every step of the way.

Netterville Bail Bonds and the people involved will deal with your case in a prompt and professional way. Don’t settle for a bond agency with limited resources that won’t live up to its promise. Come by our office and let’s talk about your case and the right settlement for it.

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